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Toxic Women.  They seem to poison everything good.

Nothing is ever good enough, the nicer you are the more you get things thrown in your face.  It’s never their fault.

My pet peeve is they keep repeating the same question over and over again, hoping for a different answer, you know the type.

If a guy asks another guy a question, and he says: “I don’t know”, that’s the end, but not with toxic females, they keep at it.

I find women are much more cunning and devious then men.  Men are just too busy to be bothered with childish things.

And don’t get me going with Boss Babes at work.

It’s getting worse.

Experts have revealed the seven signs associated with ‘toxic femininity’ to look out for – including those who play the victim and have an obsession with perfectionism.

In recent weeks Love Island has been embroiled in a ‘toxic femininity’ row after women on the show reduced some of the male contestants to tears.

According to an article in the Daily Mail here are the seven habits associated with toxic femininity

1. Passive-aggressiveness: This behavior involves expressing negative emotions in an indirect and subtle manner, rather than addressing the issue directly.

2. Gossiping: Talking negatively about other people behind their backs, often to make oneself feel superior or to gain social power.

3. Playing the victim: Blaming others for personal problems or misfortunes, and portraying oneself as helpless or powerless.

4. Manipulation: Using emotional or psychological tactics to control others and get what one wants.

5. Perfectionism: Setting impossibly high standards for oneself and others, and becoming excessively critical or judgmental when those standards are not met.

6. Jealousy: Feeling envious or resentful of others’ successes or possessions, and using this as a reason to undermine or sabotage them.

7. Unrealistic expectations of femininity: Believing that women should conform to a narrow set of standards for beauty, behavior, and personality, and judging those who do not.

What do you think?  Do you have a toxic woman in your life?