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Why do women text in cryptic, nonsense code?

Is there some sort of female secret code?

Getting in a text exchange, or rather something I call Texting Hell, with some women is an experience that would confuse Carnac the Magnificent.

You know the type, you ask 3 questions they may answer one, if you are lucky, usually the least important one.

Us men are just expected to be mind readers.

See: Men Can’t Read Minds, Get Over It on the Huff Post.


Texting with one of these clueless women goes something like this:


Man: “Are you available to meet soon?”

Her, responding, 3 days later, 2:00 AM: “Hey!”.

Man: “Yes?!”

Her: “Hi Bill!”

Man: “This is Steve.”

Man: “Hello?”

Her: “I have to feed my cat.”

Man: “Would you like to go back to that wings place on Tuesday or Thursday?”

Her: “Wednesday is National Cupcake Day!”

Man: “Can I come pick you up?”

Her: “Can you come get me?”

Man: “Are you ready?”

Her: “Soon.”

Man: “I’m in my car, where are you?”

Her: “I don’t like to give out that information.”

Man: “Just tell me where to  meet you.”

Man: “Hey, are you still there?”

Man: “Do you still want to go out?”

Man: “Are you hungry?”

Her, 4 days later: “Why did you ghost me?”


Study says females text way more than males.


Texting While Driving Study

This study appeared in Risk Analysis: An International Journal, which is published by Society for Risk Analysis. In the study, “Should I text or call here? A situation-based analysis of drivers’ perceived likelihood of engaging in mobile phone multitasking,” researchers discovered four different profiles for drivers. These profiles consisted of drivers who are female, drivers who are frequent users of phones for texting/calling, drivers with negative attitudes towards safety and drivers who are highly disinhibited.

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