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With Today’s Woke Women – Is Marriage in the West Dead?

Marriage, the age-old institution that’s got men everywhere rethinking their life choices. In today’s world of “woke” women, toxic femininity, and the infamous “angry Karen,” it’s no wonder some men are wondering if tying the knot is more like stepping into a lion’s den. After all, who doesn’t want to roll the dice on a system where divorce laws seem to favor women as if it were a spectator sport?

Divorce, the grand finale of many marriages, has become a veritable battlefield where men find themselves ducking for cover from the artillery of alimony and child support. It’s like a twisted game show: “Will you be the lucky contestant who loses half your assets and a portion of your sanity?” But hey, who needs equality when you can have a good ol’ bias against men, right?

Ah, the enchanting journey of dating nightmares in the digital age, courtesy of dating apps. Swipe left on commitment issues, swipe right on ghosting galore! It’s a rollercoaster where emotional availability is a rare gem, and catfishing is the name of the game. Who wouldn’t want to trade the blissful uncertainty of marriage for this modern romantic bonanza?

Marriage rates are declineing faster than a soufflé during an earthquake, it’s clear that men are starting to realize that the ol’ ball and chain might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Denigrating men seems to be a sport these days, with sitcoms and commercials painting us as bumbling idiots who can’t change a diaper without causing a catastrophe. No wonder some men are saying, “I do…n’t think so!”

Men walking away from marriage? It’s a burning building, let’s raise a toast to the declining marriage rates. Who needs the joys of partnership, trust, and emotional support when you can enjoy the thrill of “swiping right” and hoping your date shows up looking like their profile picture? Here’s to the men out there navigating the treacherous waters of modern romance and pondering if marriage is just a sitcom-worthy punchline in the grand theater of life.